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Experience a beautifully designed and magical RPG realm with plenty of earning potential by joining the Dood Kingdom in the NFT based game Kingdom Raids by renowned developer Alley Labs.

About Kingdom Raids

The potential to make money from games using NFTs has never been clearer. With so many developers creating worlds of all kinds with unique experiences, Alley Labs has come up with its own RPG experience in the form of Kingdom Raids. This game is one of the most well-developed projects that you can find active currently with a complete story, world exploration, and of course, an NFT marketplace. Win and trade your way to real-world riches while defending a magical kingdom!

What Makes Kingdom Raids Different?

Giving a memorable gaming experience to the audience is becoming more and more complex, especially if you are not a major game studio. While Alley Labs is no top dog, it has certainly proved its ability to provide a fun gaming experience based around RPG stories. Kingdom Raids is an already playable mobile and tablet game that you can download on your devices. Here are some of the benefits they have baked into this game to make users more excited.

  • The game is already present on mobile platforms and the migration of the entire setup to blockchain has already been completed. Initial token sales have already happened, and the developer has accumulated significant funding from the private phase alone. This gives it a huge advantage against other games built for the first time on blockchain.
  • NFT rewards are built into the game and the system is already familiar to users, making it easy to understand and access. With a present audience ready to accept the new system, the game will hit the ground running and is already making sales on the built-in NFT marketplace.
  • A familiar system makes it easy for players to quickly gain more and more NFT assets through battles and challenges, thereby adding to the acceptability and popularity of the platform.

Kingdom Raids Team

The people behind this platform are highly experienced game developers. With the experience of already running the platform with a marketplace, the migration is smooth and makes for an enjoyable user experience that plays to their benefit.


How to Participate?

To further their cause, the company plans to conduct an ICO in the coming days with its own ERC20 token. Keep an eye on the process as the sale will be announced soon and could prove to be highly beneficial for early investors in the public sale. 

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