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Crypto projects are coming up left and right these days and everyone is trying to bring out something new. LaunchBlock is aiming to formalize the incubation and support process for these platforms.
Token sale completed on 08 March
Goal: 35,000,000
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About LaunchBlock

There are countless people who have incredibly bright ideas to advance and develop the crypto and blockchain realm for the masses. While some of them have support from strategic partners, most are simply groups of people who put everything they have into developing a viable idea. Turning it into reality needs a lot of support and guidance. LaunchBlock aims to be the go-to platform for such projects with coverage for everything from games to financial services and everything in between.

How Does LaunchBlock Work?

Providing a full suite of incubation services in a borderless style requires a decent infrastructure with a comprehensive set of features to go with it. Projects looking for support want to opt for a place where they can develop projects smoothly and find it easy to scale once their project takes off. LaunchBlock provides all those things in an easy-to-use platform that can be accessed from pretty much anywhere in the world. It offers a wide variety of features with a lot of tailoring involved to make sure every project gets exactly what it needs at each stage of incubation. Here are some of the top features of LaunchBlock for your review.

  • One of the most significant advantages that the users of this platform get from an investment perspective is access to projects at a stage where only VCs and private investors get to join. This means you can get great pricing for the tokens which would return much larger returns down the line.
  • The system comes with a tiered design which accommodates every project according to the stage of development that they are in. the first tier is for projects that are just at their beginning and need support all the way to a successful public launch. Tier two is for projects that have a presence but want more reach, and tier three is only for projects that want to use the LaunchBlock audience to further increase their userbase and investors.
  • The platform also has a game where you can earn money from playing.

LaunchBlock Team

The people behind LaunchBlock are highly experienced and talented individuals with expertise in blockchain development, financial markets, software engineering, entrepreneurship, and more.

How to Participate?

LaunchBlocks will be holding a token sale on Huobi Primelist on 8th March 2022.

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Token Sale: 08 March — 08 March
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