Lunmerin is the creator of the very first hashpower commodity marketplace that uses a P2P decentralized structure with smart contract rules to optimize data stream routing.
Token sale completed on 08 December
$15,000,000 90,000,000 16%

About Lumerin

Lumerin is a platform that wants to solve the common issues with running decentralized blockchains seamlessly due to issues related to energy, regulations, economic infrastructure, and taxation. It wants to make mining cryptocurrencies more efficient by providing a P2P protocol that makes it easy to route data streams using smart contract rules. Their goal is to provide a hashpower marketplace where people can buy and sell hashpower and distribute it in many ways.

What Makes Lumerin Different?

Lumerin is taking on a challenge that seems to be growing by the day and it is taking an approach that could end up creating something quite unique.

  •   Is creating a hashpower marketplace, something that we have not seen before and its purpose would be to buy, sell, distribute, access, and manage hashpower of any size from anywhere in the world. You could essentially call it the DEX/DeFI of hashpower since the company calls it that as well.
  • It is the first time that miners would be able to send computing power to smart contracts and acquire hashpower from buyers on the marketplace. This will increase global access to capital and investments by making proof-of-work hashrate tradeable.
  • The field applications of the Lumerin Protocol could go well beyond a marketplace for buying and selling hashpower. It could operate several other types of marketplaces and even run other decentralized networks carrying data of all kinds.
  • The platform is also great for miner collaboration to create a more effective mining operation. The system would automatically measure the hashrate contribution of each miner and rewards would be disseminated proportionately to each miner.
  • The Lumerin brand will cover several other platforms, including Lumerin Network, Lumerin Protocol, Lumerin Token, Lumerin Blockchain, and more.

Lumerin Team

The team consists of several blockchain experts and finance professionals. Each team member is highly passionate about blockchain and has contributed to the field in some way during their careers. The ambitiousness of this project is a good indication of their abilities.

How to Participate?

You can join the public sale by using an ERC20 wallet address which the company will whitelist. The sale will happen on the Tokensoft platform. The total token sale goal is set to 90 million tokens.

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Token Sale: 01 December — 08 December
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