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While there are several NFT marketplaces that you can find these days, a wholesome experience of creating and trading is missing from most of them. Manifold plans to change that.

About Manifold

The world is going crazy right now from the hype created by NFTs and metaverses. Everyone is trying to partake in this wonderful adventure and new platforms are being introduced every day. However, one thing that is always a bit lacking is the freedom that creators deserve. There is always something bogging them down with complexities and Manifold is a platform that aims to give them back the authority they deserve. It also goes one step further by providing additional features that benefit all creators on Manifold.

How Does Manifold Work?

Creating new NFTs is not easy, and many creators put their heart and soul into every design that they put up for sale. Manifold tries to make their work easier to manage by providing a complete studio that utilizes the power of Manifold Creator Contract to give them the freedom to make what they want while adding conditions into the contracts as they please. There are quite a few other incredible features that the platform offers and here are some of them for your information.

  • Minting new NFTs is a breeze with the new Manifold Creator Contract. It allows creators to seamlessly mint NFTs through an intuitive process. Another great thing about this is that there is zero coding required which means more creators can publish their work without getting stuck on technical requirements.
  • The Manifold Creator also has an extension framework included in it which allows NFT creators to include apps into their contracts. This means that the creators can go beyond the traditional audio visual NFTs and create much more interactive NFTs with added features of their choosing.
  • The platform provides seamless integration with all the major NFT marketplaces and on-chain provenance support for minted NFTs. Selling is extremely easy for creators while also ensuring proper authenticity of all their NFTs.

Manifold Team

Manifold is a platform led by some of the most talented and experienced blockchain developers, software engineers, NFT and crypto market experts, finance experts, designers, and creatives. The platform also has partnerships backing its efforts.

How to Participate?

Right now, there is no official announcement shared by the company regarding an ICO. However, you could be prepared and keep and eye on the company website and their social media accounts to stay up to date about new developments.

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