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Countless blockchains claim to have a decentralized nature. However, for many of them, it is simply not true as the real power still stays with a few individuals and Massa intends to change that for good.

About Massa

Blockchain technology is a revolution, the size of which we have not seen in quite a long time. It is changing the way organizations work and is paving the way for a more transparent and secure future in crypto. However, while the claims can be seen everywhere, most of the ownership still lies with a select few individuals. Massa is changing that trend by introducing what they call a “truly decentralized blockchain controlled by thousands of people.” The company has also introduced multithreading to their functionality, making it a highly lucrative platform for countless developers and users.

What Makes Massa Different?

To stand out among the crowd, any blockchain needs to offer something that is unique and makes them highly lucrative for adoption. Massa is aware of this requirement and has made several major breakthroughs in blockchain that make it the next-gen solution for all kinds of users. Here are a few things about Massa that help it stand out as a service.

  • Almost every blockchain up till now has been running sequentially, meaning that one block needs to be received by a node before the next one can be sent. This takes a lot of time and even a blockchain like Bitcoin can only handle 6 transactions a second. Massa has introduced a multithreaded block graph that allows parallel blockmaking, resulting in thousands of transactions per second.
  • The distribution of transactions is equally spread across the thousands of nodes, making it a truly decentralized blockchain. This is surprisingly not the case for most blockchains out there.
  • Participation does not depend on high grade computer hardware, and anyone can join the blockchain to start earning rewards against transactions.
  • The faster transactions are also complemented with smart contracts that charge lower fees per transaction as compared to other competing blockchains.

Massa Team

The international team that created and is developing Massa consists of people with extensive experience in blockchain development and RUST language. Their expertise is specific to the requirements of the platform, and they are also backed by highly experienced advisors and a large pool of investors.

How to Participate?

Massa Labs has accumulated a large investment sum during a private sale to run the project smoothly. However, there is currently no information regarding a public sale and you can follow the company’s Discord and socials to stay up to date.

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