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What’s better than a conventional bank? A permissionless, self-custody, trustless, and decentralized bank like MeanFi that allows you to access crypto and DeFi like you have never seen before.
Token sale completed on 28 December
Goal: 10,000,000
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About MeanFi

Make it possible for yourself to not only use and trade in crypto and DeFi but also increase your assets through one of the most sophisticated banking solutions for the crypto universe. MeanFi is a self-custody bank that is also trustless and permissionless. It makes it extremely easy for users to access crypto and DeFi assets. With almost $2 billion in liquidity available at your fingertips, you can transact and trade like you have never done before.

What Makes MeanFi Different?

Finding a banking institution that truly benefits you in every way is pretty much impossible in conventional banking. However, the structure and decentralized nature of MeanFi make it one of the most reliable options for people to trade their digital assets. Here are a few of the top benefits that you can only expect to see from using MeanFi.

  • Liquidity aggregation is one of the best in the industry when it comes to MeanFi. With its 100+ smart routes working automatically to find you the best pricing and fees on every transaction, you are constantly saving and practically reinvesting in your own account. The platform goes across multiple DEXes to bring you the best and fastest possible route to make your transactions.
  • Investment is a key part of the service, and the platform automatically provides opportunities to invest some of your money which end up helping users stack up their balance gradually but surely over time. The main component in this is Dollar Cost Averaging that you can get started on without any hurdles.
  • Make payments through money streaming, a safe, secure, and maintenance-free protocol that allows you to send money to people with pretty much zero fees for the transactions. It is the perfect solution for paying your employees, especially when it is time or effort-based.
  • The platform is truly open for everyone and does not have any special requirements either. There is no login requirement, no KYC, and pretty much no limits to how you use it either.

MeanFi Team

The people behind the MeanFi project are highly experienced banking and blockchain professionals with ha desire to disrupt traditional banking for good and bring forth a system like MeanFi that favors consumes much more.

How to Participate?

MeanFi will hold an IDO on Solanium for the MEAN token on 18th December 2021. You will need to be whitelisted to participate in the IDO.

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Token Sale: 22 December — 28 December
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