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Crypto gaming is an ever-evolving field with creators coming with new and interesting ideas every day. MechaChain is trying to make its mark by introducing an epic robot fighting space exploration title.
Token sale completed on 01 March
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About MechaChain

The world of crypto gaming is bringing some exciting things for gamers and investors alike these days. With the concept of play to earn getting more and more mature, the focus on game quality is also increasing. People are looking for exciting playing experiences and developers are delivering on those demands constantly. One title that seems to be doing that quite well is MechaChain, a P2E game that allows you to have endless robot fighting fun by creating mechas in the form of NFTs.

How Does MechaChain Work?

As is obvious from the name, MechaChain is a game built on the blockchain with a focus on mechas that you can play with. The game allows you to engage in robot fighting in a unique way, letting you earn along the way and increase that earning potential by upgrading your mechas and winning prizes in the game. You can create the ultimate fighting machine and take it into battles to earn money while also gaining glory, which can benefit you later. Here are some of the key features of MechaChain that you should know about.

  • The basic concept of the game is exactly as you would expect it to be. You take your mecha warrior, participate in battles, and win them to advance in the game. You also have multiple playing options to choose from, so you can either play it solo and find your own way or team up with other players to win battles and earn mechanium.
  • Mechanium is a vital part of the game that improves your gameplay by boosting your mechas. You can use it for multiple purposes including player rewards, battle participation, repairing and trading NFTs, and receiving earnings from rented mechas.
  • The game offers a compelling storyline which you can build upon in your own way by playing through the battles and challenges that the game throws at you. You can create different types of mechas and strategically upgrade to make them valuable.

MechaChain Team

This gaming platform is created by a diverse team of experts with specialist knowledge and experience in blockchain development, graphic design, game development, marketing, finance, and more.

How to Participate?

MechaChain will be holding an IDO on TrustPad for its Polygon token starting 28th Feb 2022.

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Token Sale: 28 March — 01 March
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