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MMORPGs have already developed a huge audience that pays to watch other people play games. MetaGods flips the table on that concept and provides everyone with the chance to make money.
Token sale completed on 15 December
Goal: 8,888,889 MGOD
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About MetaGods

MetaGods is a proof of concept that if you have a platform that allows people to play games, making money is not a problem at all. However, in this case, the difference is that it isn’t just the company that gets rich, but the users also generate earnings. This concept is exactly what is making crypto-based gaming so popular and MetaGods has also put in some of their unique flavors to the experience.

What Makes MetaGods Different?

MetaGods is taking the NFT based gaming experience to a whole new level by creating a huge MMORPG world for users to explore. It also provides several unique features that allow users to benefit from the earning opportunities incorporated into the system. Here are a few noteworthy things that you should know about regarding MetaGods.

  • The game comes with multiple gaming modes, including PvP and PvE, which means the amount of fun you can have while playing will be tremendous. You can choose how you want to explore the game and even strategize on how to use different modes to generate maximum income. Winners can get all sorts of loot items which are a key component in generating assets and making money from NFTs
  • Speaking of NFTs, MetaGods is one of the very few gaming platforms where you have the option to use generative art as NFTs. You will be able to use the character that you generate in the game itself and it will also be an NFT that you can hold and trade on. The stats would be randomly generated for each character and include things like game stats, armor, and weapons.
  • The game will support cross-chain gameplay, which means anyone from anywhere could come and join this experience. Currently, the game is working with Binance Smart Chain as the target is to incorporate Solana and bring the rest of the blockchains soon.

MetaGods Team

The people running MetaGods are avid gamers and geeks who happen to have a great level of skill in blockchain development, art & design, game development, and business expertise. The platform is also strongly backed by advisors, top investors, and partners.

How to Participate?

The MGOD token can be bought through the Strong Holder Offering that MetaGods is going to be holding on DAO Maker between 14th and 15th December 2021.

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Token Sale: 14 December — 15 December
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