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Remember the good times when people used to spend endless hours playing Jungle Run and Subway Surfers? Metarun is offering a similar endless running experience, but with a P2E and NFT twist.
Token sale completed on 22 February
Goal: 20,000,000
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About Metarun

There are many unique and fun games coming out nowadays that offer gameplays focused on a wide range of scenarios. You have a vast choice to go through and each game is trying to offer something unique. However, there are some concepts that people know are a success and creating something along those lines increases their chances of gaining a large audience. Metarun is also using that strategy by creating an endless running game for mobile phones but with a blockchain twist added to it.

How Does Metarun Work?

The basic concept behind running games is quite simple and that is one of the reasons why they can find success so easily. All you need to do is keep your character in the game by running on an endless route while collecting items along the way. These items can be used for different purposes and Metarun has created an entire world around them with NFT integration. We are sharing some of the main features that Metarun has to offer.

  • The game is currently offering two game modes, both of which are equally fun. You can either go for the PvE mode and try to set high scores, complete levels and earn different rewards including the in-games token $MRUN. Alternatively, you can also race other players directly in the PvP mode which has its own similar rewards, and the challenge is also exciting.
  • A lot of crypto games these days offer auto-battle modes as their primary gameplay style. While it has its benefits, it is slightly different from what you would expect with a game like this. That is why Metarun is offering the traditional gaming style and pairing it with crypto for a much more familiar experience.
  • The biggest assets in the game are your characters and they can develop as the game proceeds. Your priority is to create a highly demanded player for its performance because you can lend the characters to other players and earn money through reward sharing.

Metarun Team

Metarun is the creation of a highly diverse team of game developers, blockchain specialists, and crypto experts. They are also backed by many major investors.

How to Participate?

You can join any of the IDOs happening for Metarun on Scaleswap, Poolz, Oxbull, Red Kite, and Moonstarter.

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Token Sale: 18 February — 22 February
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