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Are you looking to make some money while playing games? Because that is exactly what MetaSoccer is offering. Create a club, train players, and play soccer in your own NFT stadium to make money!
Token sale completed on 07 December
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About MetaSoccer

MetaSoccer is exactly what you can imagine it would be when you think about blockchain and NFTs. This is a platform where you can make money while playing games and that alone is enough to convince many people of its winning model. However, this is not the only platform using this concept, but it is certainly one of the well-executed ones.

What Makes MetaSoccer Different?

Making money while playing games has been a dream for many people for as long as we have had games. While there are other ways to do it, cryptocurrency and NFTs are certainly the most novel addition. Here are a few things that make MetaSoccer different from other similar platforms.

  • The concept behind MetaSoccer is not only familiar to users but is also well-executed. You make a club, find and train players, and then play matches against other teams. The stadiums are also a place for exploring NFTs and you can flaunt not only your game but also your NFT assets. Earn by generating income through your club and generate $MSU tokens through a wide range of options.
  • The company already has several major investors behind it who have raised substantial capital to get the platform live and then to expand it as well. You can also be a part of that process and holding $MSU tokens can make you a key player in the entire ecosystem of MetaSoccer.
  • The platform also allows $MSU holders to contribute to all major governance votes, get special NFT drops that no other regular user would have, and gain first access to all new features when they are introduced on the platform.

MetaSoccer Team

The title fits too perfectly here and the team of MetaSoccer is also worthy of praise. The company is relying heavily on software development skills and blockchain expertise to develop the platform itself. Each team member has sufficient experience working in their area and every individual is highly passionate about merging blockchain and NFTs with gaming.

How to Participate?

The company will be offering 18,000,000 tokens via a Strong Holder Offering on December 6th, 2021. The event will take place on DAO Maker and to participate, you will need to get whitelisted.

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Token Sale: 06 December — 07 December
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