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With every industry moving towards metaverse, the textile industry has made the biggest leaps. Metawear aims to provide comprehensive virtualization services to textile industry giants.
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About Metawear

We are seeing a massive move from all industries across the globe towards the metaverse. Many leading companies are taking steps towards becoming virtually available on different metaverses across multiple blockchains. Given the strong focus of metaverses towards creating virtual human presences through avatars, clothing is a key part of the equation. The textile industry can benefit from this new demand massively and all then need is the right approach to make their move successful. Metawear aims to provide such a service to industry giants and help them gain strong visibility on their platforms of choice.

How Does Metawear Work?

Metawear’s primary focus is the virtualization of textile industry giants across metaverses and making them the brand of choice for people exploring said metaverses. With the physical appearance of avatars becoming a huge market, companies can benefit significantly from the services provided by Metawear and gain a strong footing for themselves. The right approach would be to establish in such a way that attracts maximum customers and paves way for future metaverse projects for textile giants. There are several key parts of Metawear’s service that make this possible and they are shared here for your information.

  • The project comes with a two-dimensional approach towards creating market presence where it helps companies develop a virtual presence and improve their real-world operations. The company provides technological solutions to improve everything from production to product marketing and sales. While it does that, it offers key input in creating virtual clothing that suits the needs of every metaverse.
  • A key focus of Metaverse is to create an environment-friendly production process for textile giants which takes several physical operations and turns them virtual, thereby significantly reducing the impact on the environment.
  • The concept of virtual fashion models is also introduced as part of their service, where products can be showcased through two Metahuman Fashion Models called Adam and Eve. The goal is to bring them into focus for everyone who is on any metaverse out there and sees them as they would a real-life model.

Metawear Team

The people who have created Metawear come from diverse backgrounds, including blockchain development, creative design, fashion, marketing, and more.

How to Participate?

Metawear will be holding an Initial Dex Offering on multiple platforms starting 21st March 2022. The platforms include TrustPad, Seedify, Red Kite, Paid Network, and

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Token Sale: 21 March — 22 March
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