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The number of DeFi platforms that you can find these days offering great investment values is endless. However, among the noise, you need to find a potential gem and Minterest could be just that.

About Minterest

There are so many platforms that you can find these days operating as DeFi services with a major focus on asset lending. However, while they may be established for that service, the way they are being conducted is far from perfect or even profitable in the eyes of many investors. Furthermore, there are some issues with the protocols being implemented as most of them rely on someone else’s protocol to operate. Minterest is trying to address these shortcomings and introduce the next generation of DeFi lending protocols through its platform.

How Does Minterest Work?

One of the key things that you should keep in mind when evaluating any lending protocol as an investor is seeing the value you get from transactions. Of course, there are several other factors involved, but this one certainly takes the cake. For Minterest, this is a special focal point since they want to make sure that the platform is as much user-focused as possible and goes beyond money. Here are some of the key features Minterest has to offer its users.

  • As mentioned earlier, the focus of Minterest is to provide maximum benefit to its users and to do that, they take all the earnings that are generated from interest, liquidation fees, and flash loans, and they give it all to the user base of the platform, specifically the ones who are a part of the governance platform.
  • Asset security is a keen focus for investors on any DeFi platform and Minterests boasts some of the best auditors available who oversee the platforms operations closely and provide security assurance for investors looking for long term yields. The organization also openly publicizes its transparency policies and practices.
  • The system is built to be super user-friendly and provides a wide range of options to choose from. You can customize your portfolio interface, use different tools for risk analysis, and use the up-to-date data to make smarter investment decisions.

Minterest Team

Minterest has a large team with diverse backgrounds and extensive experiences including blockchain, finance, investments, software development, marketing, and more. They are also backed by a team of seasoned advisors.

How to Participate?

Minterest currently does not have any ICO announced for the public. However, you can follow their website and socials to stay up to date.

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