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Mirror World is exactly what you expect to see in a basic, no-nonsense metaverse. It is the perfect definition of giving life to a virtual character as a part of the metaverse realm.

About Mirror World

Mirror World is doing what pretty much every other metaverse is also doing, but in a way that makes it more alive. We are living in a universe that is constantly getting populated with interactive and usable NFTs that can be used for a wide range of features. However, recognizing them as actual characters with a presence was not a big priority for anyone, and that is what Mirror World intends to change.

What Makes Mirror World Different?

While it is certainly a rare thing to see NFT characters go beyond their predefined purpose of glorified placeholders in a collector’s online account, it is not entirely ignored. There are several platforms that are working on a similar concept and doing decent work. However, Mirror World, at least for now, is taking it a step further by introducing some key features on their platform.

  • The most hyped part of the metaverse in Mirror World is the soul aspect of the NFTs. The 11,000 ERC-721 NFTs that you can find here are all given a conscience of sorts, an AI-based system basically that makes them interactive. However, their functionality goes beyond being simple chat buddies and allows you to use their AI to advance their status and unlock more functions for different games.
  • The uniqueness of the “mirrors”, the NFTs on the platform is also quite special. The platform uses a randomized generation technique that takes into account over 100 different traits. There are some real-life derivations available in some characters, including famous celebrities.
  • The NFTs provide a multifaceted value system that includes unique gameplay characteristics, increasing NFT value over time, 3D model airdrops, and so much more.

Mirror World Team

The team at Mirror World is quite diverse, matching the needs of the platform quite well. Their extensive experience in crypto and blockchain, creative design, machine learning, and business management aspects allows them to steer this ship in the right direction. They are also backed by multiple large-scale investors and advisors to keep the project running smoothly.

How to Participate?

The company recently had a Series A-3 funding round and has not yet announced their public token sale details. You can follow their Discord and social pages to keep an eye out for updates.

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