The music industry needs to evolve rapidly to meet the demands of the highly popular metaverse concept. MODA DAO provides the tools and platform for musicians to adapt to the web 3.0 realm.


The music industry has faced all kinds of issues over the last few years, the biggest one being a lack of tech-savvy approach from most musicians and traditional thinking. MODA DAO aims to change that approach for the better and allow musicians and their fans to come together on a platform that caters to their newly developing needs in the web 3.0 construct. The entire concept is about fixing the supply chain and rewarding the right people.

What Makes MODA DAO Different?

Perhaps the most obvious advantage that MODA DAO has over its competitors is its lack of existence from multiple perspectives. Of course, we are not saying that there is no one else doing this for the music industry but there is certainly not anyone doing it as comprehensively as MODA DAO is. Here are some of the main features the platform offers that you could consider when thinking of investing in this platform.

  • The DAO will offer a publishing model that will break the status quo completely and focus entirely on benefitting the artist. Traditionally the publishing part has always benefitted external stakeholders, but the MODA DAO gives the power back to the artists.
  • MODA DAO is planning to introduce several new standards and tools that will replace traditional options like IRSC, DDEX, and ISRW with ERC1155, ERC721, and ERC20. The plan is to change the way ownership works with these new standards. Other options like audio fingerprinting, NFT aggregators, and new data storage standards will also be used.
  • A dedicated testing environment will be created as well using the MODA Lab which will test new features and products in a live environment. It will help improve the long-term value of the platform for musicians and remove elements that may have malicious intent behind them.
  • The system is multichain and comes with a ton of scalability as well, meaning that musicians can reach the maximum audience without having to change any of the engagement rules for the DAO.


The people who have created MODA DAO are some of the most experienced blockchain developers, programmers, and specialists with direct and extensive experience in the music industry and publication.

How to Participate?

Currently, the platform has not announced any details regarding the sale of the $MODA token. The total token count is 10 million and you can keep in touch with their website for more updates.

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