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Decentralized gaming platforms are the future now and Monkey Ball is one such option that shows how fun and exciting this experience can be while also making it a platform for earning money.

About Monkey Ball

The world of crypto gaming is seeing huge developments every day now and companies are trying to bring out the best gaming experience while allowing players to make money through NFTs. Monkey Ball is a game that is making major splashes for doing an incredible job by incorporating a great playing experience with the ability to earn money through competition. The game also allows interaction with other players through different multiplayer options and provides a fun playing environment growing exponentially.

What Makes Money Ball Different?

Finding unique selling points has become more and more difficult in the last few months as a plethora of new games has started entering the crypto market. Each of these games provides a unique take on how players can earn money while playing games. The goal is to find the sweet spot and make players engage in a competition that can be played as many times as possible while increasing their earnings over time. Here are a few things about Monkey Ball that make it a great prospect for players looking to earn and investors.

  • The game offers multiple modes, which means players will remain engaged for a long time. You can play as an individual against bots, single-player matches in PvP setting, or take on other teams in a team vs team scenario where you can play with your friends.
  • Monkey NFTs can be bought to create your player on the game or even create an entire team if you buy multiple NFTs. There is no investment-based reward system and each NFT will have its stats assigned randomly. This will give each player an equal chance to find rare NFTs and develop them through effort.
  • NFT development and breeding is also a part of this game, meaning that you can take a basic level NFT and turn it into something highly valuable through training and rewards.

Monkey Ball Team

The people who have developed Monkey Ball are highly experienced blockchain developers, software developers, game design specialists, finance specialists, artists, and so much more. They have the expertise to create a highly engaging platform backed by investors and gamers alike.

How to Participate?

There is currently no public information regarding an ICO for Monkey Ball, but you can follow new drops and other activities by following the company website and socials.

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