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All our favorite metaverses and the worlds within them need a place to be born and Muon Network is the solution that provides all the tools to bring them to life with ease.
Token sale completed on 31 December
Goal: 24,000,000
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About Muon Network

Building on the blockchain has just become easier with the introduction of Muon Network. This unique platform provides decentralized cloud computing solutions and cross-chain bridge interfacing and highly secure oracles that developers can use for creating games, dApps, and working on the DeFI network. It promises to take the metaverse development experience to the next level.

What Makes Muon Network Different?

While there are quite a few unique things about Muon Network that are worth exploring and loving, here are a few of those things that we think require special attention.

  • A rare offering that provides a comprehensive development platform for different decentralized applications. This includes GameFi, DeFi, and dApps, each offering its own range of options and assets to play with. You can develop games based on decentralized networks, get cloud storage for a wide range of applications, and create highly secure apps using decentralized points.
  • The scalability that Muon Network provides its users is relatively seamless when compared to other platforms. Problems like “preservation of state” do not apply here either, as the data is decentralized and not being stored anywhere. This means you can be sure about data security and validity.
  • Muon Network can connect to any blockchain via bridges to get data flowing in every direction. The company refers to it as “the Amazon Web Services (AWS) of the decentralized universe.” That is a steep claim and meeting it certainly makes it a huge asset for the company.
  • The autonomous nodes on Muon Network are like a Linux-based VPS which means they could practically run everything that you could run on a Linux system. This covers a massive ground and makes Muon Network a decentralized supercomputer of sorts.

Muon Network Team

The team behind Muon consists of several passionate individuals who have worked in the blockchain realm for a long time and are also highly skilled developers. They have spent quite a long time developing this platform and have received endorsement from several well-known partners.

How to Participate?

The MUON token will be up for sale in a Strong Holder Offering on DAO Maker and DEUS Finance in the coming days of December 2021. Participation will require wallet whitelisting and you can apply for that right now.

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Token Sale: 20 December — 31 December
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