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Take your data storage requirements to a whole new level of security with myMessage, a platform that offers decentralized storage solutions along with a Reddit-like social media platform.
Token sale completed on 19 December
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About myMessage

We are living in a world where online storage has become an absolute necessity. It is not even something that only adults need nowadays and for many people, it is a feature that they do not even realize exists in many apps that they use daily. What makes it critical is the data being stored in that storage, be it automated or intentional. myMessage is a platform that provides top-notch security needs in Web3 apps through a decentralized data portal with a social network baked into it.

What Makes myMessage Different?

The very essence of the service that myMessage is providing makes it a unique offering for many people. Being able to protect your Web3 app data using high-grade encryption is not only a big plus but also essential at this point. There are quite a few use cases that themselves create a certain level of uniqueness for myMesssage.

  • myMessage provides multi-level security for all kinds of important information and data present on its platform. This includes everything from personal data, account passwords, bank account details and other similarly sensitive information.
  • It is a uniquely suitable place to store the most important documents and files in any person’s life. Thanks to its security protocols, users can comfortably place information of all kinds like wills, personal identifications, letters and emails of sensitive nature, or any other document for that matter. It is up to you to decide how you want to utilize this storage. 
  • Data is immutable and undeletable for all intents and purposes, so if you want to store or transmit anything that needs to remain uncensored, myMessage claims to take care of that. The platform is also said to be quantum-attack resistant with AES256 encryption level.
  • The decentralized nature and multiple layers of security and anonymity make this platform a great place for people to come and meet without the fear of being eavesdropped on by anyone.

myMessage Team

The team at myMessage consists of people who are experts in cyber security and blockchain development and have a passion and skills for providing top-quality data security and integrity solutions. They are also backed by several strong partners and investors.

How to Participate?

The IDO is going to happen between 14-19 December 2021. You can find it on BSCStation and TrustPad. Buying the MESA token will also require wallet whitelisting.

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Token Sale: 14 December — 19 December
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