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Web 3.0 is here but it needs a foundation to stand on. While many developers are busy creating new worlds for this new and evolved web, Mysten Labs is providing the building blocks for them to stand on.

About Mysten Labs

While the idea of metaverses, blockchain-based services, and NFTs are all the hype right now, many people tend to forget that they require infrastructure to keep them running. That is exactly what Mysten Labs is looking to provide, with a huge focus on creating more and more awareness among people about this world. Smart contracts, cryptos assets management, infrastructure, and development tools are only a few of the major services that Mysten Labs has to offer.

What Makes Mysten Labs Different?

Being a service focusing on improving the infrastructure behind Web 3.0 already makes a unique proposition for investors. However, the platform commits to doing this important job and to do it better than it has ever been done before. There is a key focus on modernizing the tools and infrastructure used by developers to create new services and environments. Here are a few key parts of their service that you ought to know about.

  • Smart contracts are a vital component in blockchain-based services and Mysten Labs says that it is doing a better job of providing this service to users than any other platform. The language they have used is designed to make it easier for users to avoid exploitation risks and reduce the cost users need to pay for audits.
  • Developing infrastructure for blockchain and crypto assets is a complicated affair. Doing it right is not exactly easy, but Mysten Labs says that not only is the infrastructure they are creating easy to understand, but it is also highly scalable, making it possible for the system to accommodate extremely large crypto assets.
  • Self-custody is extremely important for users but taking care of one’s keys and preventing loss can be tricky. With us, users get a highly developed reactive key-loss prevention protocol that allows people to retain custody of assets without any issues.

Mysten Labs Team

There are several highly experienced individuals in our team with expertise in blockchain development, software development, entrepreneurship, marketing, HR, and practically any other talent that may be needed to run a successful company smoothly.

How to Participate?

Mysten Labs recently completed a funding round where it gathered $36 million. A public sale is also happening soon but the exact dates are yet to be announced.

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