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Developing dApps is now much easier and has a lot more expandability, thanks to Neon Labs’ Ethereum VM that runs on the Solana blockchain. Use Ethereum tooling to scale and access more liquidity.

About Neon Labs

One of the most frequently used tools by developers on almost any platform for testing apps that they develop is virtual machines. It is quite natural to think that something from the crypto world, like a dApp, would require a blockchain-based solution. That is exactly what it is and Ethereum’s blockchain provides that facility. However, it is limited, and Neon Labs is changing that by integrating it with Solana. Imagine an Ethereum based VM that allows up to 4,500 transactions per second with a per-transaction cost of just 0.000005 SOL per transaction!

What Makes Neon Labs Different?

The very concept that Neon Labs has presented is unique in its execution. One could say it was an obvious thing to do but no one thought of taking it on so far. Neon Labs not only did what needed to be done, but they also did it in a way that maximized value for investors while keeping operational costs low. How the system would fare in the real world once it becomes popular is yet to be seen, but so far, there are plenty of good things you can talk about.

  • Connecting Ethereum with Solana is a genius move as it allows all the flexibility and functionality that Ethereum has to offer while also taking advantage of the speed and agility of Solana with its lower fees. You could say it is certainly a platform that provides the best of both worlds.
  • Development language of choice is one of the biggest concerns for most developers when using multiple blockchains linked together. However, Neon Labs allows users to write dApps in languages they are already used to, i.e., Vyper and Solidity.
  • Smart contracts do not need major changes either and you can deploy Ethereum dApps easily through this platform using the same configuration you would use natively.
  • Easy to use platform for developers with familiar tools attached to it, including MetaMask and Truffle while also taking advantage of the rapidly growing Solana market.

Neon Labs Team

The people behind Neon Labs are highly experienced software engineers, blockchain and Ethereum developers, business development and marketing executives, and entrepreneurs.

How to Participate?

Currently, there is no information on the exact date for the public token sale of the NEON token. You can keep in touch with the company’s Discord and other socials to stay up to date.

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