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Racing is the top gaming genre in existence. It is so popular that other genre games also include it in one way or another. Nitro League is taking your racing experience to the next level with P2E.
Token sale completed on 14 December
Goal: 12,500,000
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About Nitro League

Experience a world of racing that exists far into the future where technology has led to an eradication of governments and clans ruling the planet. Disputes do not lead to wars and conflicts but racing competition. All the honors and wealth you would want to earn are not accessible only by winning races. While the story behind Nitro League is certainly fantastical, the money you can make from it is very much real.

What Makes Nitro League Different?

Being a racing game already provides Nitro League with a ton of advantages in terms of acceptability and the capacity to make money. However, it is also not the only racing game of its kind in existence now. Therefore, apart from being ahead of the curve by starting early, there are other things as well that Nitro League offers to stand out among the crowd.

  • Upgradeable NFTs are a key selling point for Nitro League as you can upgrade your cars, which are basically NFTs, to make them more special. The more modifications you make, the more chances you have of making it more lucrative and sellable in the marketplace. This also means people have a huge potential to earn in the long run.
  • Racers can join the DRIVE TRIBE scholarship, a program that allows them to race solo or bring in other players for competitions. The result is a growth in the REP, XP and other bonuses and rewards for everyone participating in and conducting the event.
  • Creating DAOs and making your own tracks and tournaments is one of the coolest features of Nitro . You are in full control of how you enjoy the game and how you make money from it.
  • All XP, TICKETS, and REP rewards that you earn in the game are all ERC20 variable tokens meaning you can use everything you win as currency.

The Team

The people creating and managing Nitro League are highly experienced developers, game designers, programmers, business executives and highly qualified entrepreneurs. They have an incredible individual and collective background and are exactly what a project like Nitro League needs.

How to Participate?

You can join the IDO for Nitro on Polkastarter which will only last a day, so waiting might not be the right idea. Each NITRO token is worth US$0.05, with a fundraising goal of 12.5 million tokens.

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Token Sale: 14 December — 14 December
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