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Everyone is trying to find the best platform for trading automation, but very few give you total control over your actions. Nova Finance provides that with its programmable protocol.

About Nova Finance

Taking control of how your trades go is essential if you want to make money consistently. However, that also means you need a way to continue trading when you are AFK or even asleep. Nova Finance has developed a protocol that claims to provide that level of control over your crypto trades so you can make money like a professional trader while also keeping your exposure to a minimum. Whether or not that is actually the case can only be told after using the platform firsthand.

What Makes us Different?

While there is certainly a good vibe from the comprehensiveness that Nova Finance is propagating from its protocol, it is certainly not of being the first. There are other platforms that are offering automation of crypto trades and to stand out among the crowd, the protocol developed by Nova Finance needs to show some uniqueness. Thankfully, it has several points that make it a considerably attractive proposition for many crypto traders, especially those who are new to the game and looking to increase their control over their trades. Here are some of those key selling points.

  • The portfolios that you can find on the Nova Finance trading platform are among the best trading options for most early investors and even experienced ones. The highly experienced team Nova has created manages to create a portfolio that significantly increases your chances of successful and profitable trades.
  • Increased control on the programmable management layer on the system through the nAssets, a special synthetic asset type that allows users to make better investment decisions, thanks to the direct link between the overall investment landscape of Nova and the market.
  • An intuitive and easy-to-use application that makes it easier for traders to manage their investments and utilize the platform’s DeFi and investment management tools to gain maximum benefits. It is one of the best-designed apps out there for managing investment portfolios and trading.

Nova Finance Team

The people who have created Nova Finance have extensive experience working in crypto trading, financial markets trading, investment management for large organizations, blockchain development and programming, and so much more.

How to Participate?

There is no public information currently available regarding an ICO for the Nova Finance platform. However, newer developments are expected, and you can follow the company’s website for more updates.

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