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If you want to see a single platform that provides a wholesome gaming experience, community engagement, and NFT trading, OP Games is the platform you need to explore.

About OP Games

With every passing day, the realm of gaming is becoming more and more about creating an engaging environment where gaming enthusiasts can come together, have fun, and create memories. However, the introduction of metaverses and NFTs has taken it to the next level, albeit in a somewhat disconnected manner. OP Games is one of the few platforms that provides everything in a single platform where developers get the support they deserve while players can enjoy playing games and make money as well.

How Does OP Games Work?

Imagine a gaming tournament; only it’s a lot more games than you can imagine and each one of them offers a prize that you can cash out. Instead of watching other players win huge pots while you pay to watch them, why not focus on making a name for yourself by playing HTML5 games? This is a straightforward logic to understand, and it perfectly describes what OP Games has to offer. However, the platform is much more than just an earning opportunity and the following features will give you an idea.

  • The games are built on HTML5 and are light in nature. There is no need to wait for hours or days for a single game to install. Get access to your favorite games immediately and start making money from it right away. Arcadia is the competing platform inside OP Games that runs on cryptocurrency and is open for everyone to access.
  • The games are built using game legos which is a unique system allowing the platform to host games that can be compatible with multiple ecosystems. The game engines used on the platform are also open-source which means both the developers and the players have the liberty to expand beyond a single platform, like the centralized and locking systems we are used to.
  • The platform is run through a DAO ownership model which means the community is making all the decisions regarding the platform. This allows game creators to retain control over their products instead of relying on heavy hitters, all while focusing on the community’s benefit.

OP Games Team

This platform is the creation of a strong team of game developers, blockchain specialists, entrepreneurs, and creatives. The platform also has strong investor backing.

How to Participate?

The company has yet to announce the details of an ICO. In the meanwhile, we recommend that you follow their social including Discord and the website for the latest updates.

* ICO Daily does not provide investment advice. Please read our disclaimer

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