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The crypto trading world has grown exponentially and one thing that has crippled many traders is the ceiling fees. Orca plans to solve that problem with a feature-rich DEX created on Solana.

About Orca

Have you ever found yourself looking for good crypto trades and after you finally find one and go for a swap, you get hit by a ridiculous gas fee that costs more than the trade itself? If yes, then you are certainly not alone as the problem of gas ceiling is affecting countless traders. A solution is quickly needed to break this problem and Orca is a platform that believes it has what it takes to do that.

How Does Orca Work?

The motto used by Orca is interesting; “The DEX for people, not programs,” and it is also the ideology that the platform was built on. The purpose of creating a platform like this was to provide easy access to all traders with the least possible fees and an interface that would let them make transactions swiftly and efficiently with zero hassle. Quite a few features were implemented to make it a platform that could potentially be a viable alternative to the current industry giants and other popular candidates. Here are a few of the features you can expect to see on Orca.

  • The platform was built to allow people to buy tokens and cryptos without having to pay extravagant amounts of fees. To help with that, the system provides a Fair Price Indicator that lets you know if a trade is within 1% of the listed market rate as available on CoinGecko and if it has a slippage rate under or equal to your set value. A big green checkmark will appear on trades that meet those requirements.
  • A lot of AMMs do not allow users to see their balance without having to open a browser extension. Orca overcomes this negative point about UX by providing a Tokens panel directly into their interface.
  • The platform operates on Solana, a blockchain that is threatening to overtake the likes of Ethereum as well by providing some of the fastest transaction speeds, period.

Orca Team

The people who have developed Orca have spent many years in the fields of blockchain and DeFi development, crypto investments, financial management, and entrepreneurship. The platform also has the strong backing of multiple investors.

How to Participate?

Orca has not yet made any announcements related to an ICO. However, you can stay informed about future developments by following their website and socials.

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