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The digital asset trading market is not mature and is constantly in development. Orthogonal Trading aims to exploit the flaws in current systems to create a better trading experience.

About Orthogonal Trading

It is pretty clear that most of the existing digital asset trading platforms are far from perfect. While providing a set of useful features, each of them also holds flaws that lead to a degradation in trading efficiency and overall experience. Rectifying those errors may be an option, but Orthogonal Trading wants to use these problems as a solution and provide its users with a system that lets them make money consistently and effectively through multiple strategies.

How Does Orthogonal Trading Work?

To understand the solution that Orthogonal Trading is proposing, you need to understand the problem first. The digital asset trading platforms we have today are in an infancy stage in most cases. That means incomplete systems with insufficient trading scenarios to address. This leads to issues that many traders face in terms of platform inefficiency and reduced profitability. Orthogonal Trading relies on those inefficiencies to create a “consistent, positive carry backbone” through market-neutral arbitrage in CeFi and DeFi. The platform captures alpha in both markets through active trading while supporting VC investments. Here are the strategies they have implemented that you should know about.

  • The system uses the trading experience of the principal related to derivatives markets, interest rates, digital assets, options, and VIX to provide uncorrelated alpha through their grading structure which includes multiple grading techniques and spans a wide range of digital asset options.
  • The platform has a strong team of crypto and digital assets trading experts who help the platform develop at a fast pace through their talent. They employ based on talent and expertise only and that means all the options available to you are derived from expert evaluation and experience.
  • The platform offers a complete range of DeFi and CeFi arbitraging, including yield farming, relative rate value trades, quanto arbitrage, cash and carry arbitrage, cross-exchange arbitrage, and statistical funding and bases arbitrage.

Orthogonal Trading Team

Orthogonal Trading has a diverse and highly experienced team with expertise in blockchain development, financial markets trading, risk management services, FX options and trading management, and much more.

How to Participate?

The team at Orthogonal Trading has not yet announced a date for a public ICO event. Meanwhile, we recommend that you stay in touch with them through their website and socials to get the latest updates on potential investment opportunities.

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