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Ouro will help users store their assets in an inflation-proof network that counteracts the inflation caused by rising crypto values against USD and protects assets via Peer-to-Pool asset swaps.

About Ouro Finance

Let your assets retain their value for a long time by getting them stored in Ouro Finance’s inflation-proof network. By storing your assets in a reserve pool, you can see your assets retain value over time. With the appreciating value of reserve pool assets, the network automatically takes away up to 30% of that increased value to appreciate the default exchange price of the OURO token. It is an arbitrage-based stability mechanism that lets your OURO assets stay the same in value as your deposited crypto assets.

What Makes Ouro Finance Different?

Ouro Finance provides a unique asset management and value retention system that ensures you never see yourself facing a loss that is too big to handle. It stabilizes your assets using a simple but highly effective mechanism which, if implemented properly, can certainly do the trick and retain your asset values at 1-1ratio as intended. Here are a few things about Ouro Finance that are worth considering for any investor or user.

  • The system automatically manages itself by minting and burning tokens according to the market price when compared to the assets reserve pool. Appreciation of values leads to Ouro Government Share (OGS) token burns and the creation of an Insurance Pool. A decrease in price will lead to the minting of OGS tokens for acquiring collateral.
  • USD stablecoins are currently very popular among users and they are losing their value all the time. Holding them is not exactly panning out to be the best option for most investors and that is where Ouro Finance wins. It can provide a maximum monthly appreciation rate of 3% which is a far better value.
  • 1-1 crypto backing of OURO token makes it highly reliable. It protects users from price fluctuation and the possible calculations involved to keep an eye on the real value of your crypto assets. This is something that no other platform seems to be offering right now.

Ouro Finance Team

The people behind Ouro Finance are highly experienced specialists with expertise in blockchain development, financial markets, trading, sales and marketing, cryptocurrency portfolio management, and more. They are fully equipped with the knowledge to take this platform exactly where it is aimed for.

How to Participate?

The OGS token is currently on sale through an Initial Dex Offering which is currently happening on Impossible Finance. The token price is US$0.025, with a total fundraising goal of 50 million tokens.

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