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Card based games are a massive universe and people already spend millions on them yearly. Parallel is a game that takes card playing to the blockchain and to the next level with P2E added.

About Parallel

Card games are one of the most classic ways of spending time having fun and enjoying the company of your friends. This changed significantly when all our beloved games started appearing online in digital form. Nowadays, there are countless card games to play and Parallel is here to introduce the next evolutionary step. This card game is entirely on the blockchain, and you can use NFTs to play it and make money.

What Makes Parallel Different?

There are not many card games available to play on blockchains right now. Many games are under development or attached to some other bigger projects. Parallel is a first of its kind platform that aims to develop its entire world around playing cards and using them as NFTs. While that alone makes it quite an exclusive platform, the developers realize the need to offer something more exclusive. Here are a few of such options that you can find in the Parallel game universe.

  • The NFTs for this game are the cards themselves and users need to complete at least one deck before they can play the game. The purchasing of said cards plays a huge role in the platform’s development, especially the game itself. The cards are already available to buy, and you can use them to develop the platform further.
  • The cards being the NFTs means you can trade them online and the company provides a complete marketplace where each card can be sold. There are no duplicates made of any card, so the uniqueness factor stays alive forever. Your card’s value can be determined by its usability in any deck and some cards can fetch quite a high value.
  • Anyone with an Ethereum wallet can join and buy the cards. Early purchasing can get you access to rare cards for a good price which may no longer be the case once the game is fully accessible to the public and demand increases.

Parallel Team

The people responsible for creating Parallel are some of the best blockchain and game developers with great story writers and business specialists alongside them. The company is also heavily backed by strong investors.

How to Participate?

There is no information currently available regarding an ICO, but you can follow the company website and Discord to stay up to date.

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