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Traditional social media networks are increasingly hostile environments with zero privacy, data selling, and constant spamming. Peepeth is a blockchain social network that fixes all these problems.

About Peepeth

We are all aware of how awful experience it is becoming for people to use social media networks. If you are someone who has any regard for your privacy and mental health, the traditional platforms are not for you. The constant spamming from companies, the threat of data privacy breaches, and companies coming under fire for selling user data are only some of the problems we face. Peepeth is a blockchain-based solution that tries to address all these core problems and create a social network that is permanent and transparent.

What Makes Peepeth Different?

A social network that can help people voice their opinions without stressing about their privacy or getting spammed is unheard of. Peepeth is one of the first and few platforms that have fully developed itself as an alternative and is letting people post online for free on a blockchain while also picking up the tab for posting costs. Here are a few other salient features about the platform that you should be aware of.

  • The platform has a strict policy against data selling and privacy breaching. No user’s data would ever be sold to any advertiser or business looking to target customers for any type of product, etc. You can enjoy your time freely without having to see anything foul or unrelated to your interests.
  • There are no ads, something that no traditional social media platform seems to be capable of surviving without. Not having to rely on advertisers makes it possible for the platform to keep private user data secure.
  • Nothing on this platform gets removed. Anything anyone says is there to access and is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. The datastore is also claimed to be immutable except for the posts that violate the terms of services which focus entirely on user experience.

Peepeth Team

Peepeth is created by a team of blockchain specialists and software developers who have worked extensively as social media experts and have the insight to create a platform that is legitimate and works on the principles dictating privacy and freedom of speech.

How to Participate?

Peepeth has no information currently available regarding a public sale. However, you can keep yourself updated on that by checking the company’s website for updates.

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