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Pendulum seeks to bridge the gap between Stellar and Defi. This makes it easy for users to connect the fiat banking system to any Defi product or service.

About Pendulum

Within the past few years, the Defi ecosystem has significantly grown with no sign of slowing any time soon. Currently, the market total value locked in the Decentralized Finance ecosystem is over $80 billion. Not only that but there is also a huge collection of innovative products being introduced into the market regularly. 

From crypto lending, yield farming, prediction markets, and decentralized investment protocols, among others. Although the Decentralized Finance ecosystem has developed optimized markets for cryptocurrency assets, it does not offer an inclusive terrain for fiat assets where Defi users can use their local currencies to participate in Defi activities. 

Instead, they have to resort to using USD. Pendulum plays in the Stellar community, which is the perfect breeding ground to connect the current fiat system with Defi. With over 15 world currencies currently available as fiat tokens, Pendulum seeks to bridge the gap between Stellar and Decentralized Finance. This makes it easy for users to connect the fiat banking system to any Defi product or service.

What Makes us Different?

The pendulum is an open-source blockchain that is built on a proven Parity Substrate framework. The goal of the platform is to establish the obvious missing link between the Defi ecosystems and fiat using a sophisticated smart contract network. So, what is unique about the Pendulum?

  • It bridges between Stellar, Polkadot, and Ethereum. The decentralized bridge relayer nodes network created by the Pendulum-Stellar monitor the networks, mirror assets between the Pendulum and Stellar networks, hold and release tokens. 
  • It features an open-source blockchain-based on Substrate, which enables third-party developers to easily write their applications and smart contracts on Pendulum. Being a community-based framework, Pendulum makes it easier for users to connect with other protocols and chains.
  • Connects foreign exchange market to Decentralized Finance, offering over 15 fiat tokens and local integrations into traditional banking infrastructures. The bridges to Polkadot and Ethereum, and its smart contract capabilities give Pendulum Defi ecosystem members access to huge forex liquidity.
  • Yields earning opportunities for fiat token holders. Pendulum offers fiat token holders the opportunity to put their funds to work on its platform. They can offer liquidity to AMMs or deposit their tokens into lending pools.

The Team

The team behind Pendulum consists of dedicated entrepreneurs, seasoned blockchain and Ethereum developers, software engineers, and marketing gurus.

How to Participate

The token type available for sale is the ERC20. However, there is currently no information on the specific date for the Token sale. It is recommended that you stay on the lookout for the announcement date for the public sale.

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