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Planet Sandbox aims to take your gaming experience to the next level with a PvP shooter that allows you to use NFTs as weapons and assets to play and make money simultaneously.
Token sale completed on 15 December
Goal: 72,698
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About Planet Sandbox

Lock n load for a wild extraterrestrial adventure that will have you looking for enemies and gathering NFTs as you try to win battles in this PvP shooter. NFT gaming, for the most part, is built on a simplistic approach with not too many complications or heavy graphic renders. Planet Sandbox aims to change that in an experience that is also an amalgamation of world-building and PvP shooting.

What Makes Planet Sandbox Different?

You need to think of quite a few things when considering a good contender for crypto-based gaming. Surprisingly enough, most of the options available out there do not seem to be comprehensive at all. There is always something missing and that is where Planet Sandbox promises to be different. Here are a few notably exclusive features that you can find in it.

  • High fidelity and high-quality game graphics with well-designed assets that can move around and perform many actions. The game is not limited in any way and feels much closer to an open-world experience than any other crypto-based game that we have seen so far. Of course, that would not be true in the future, but having a lead is certainly valuable.
  • The game is focused just as much on developing the gaming experience as it is on providing earning opportunities. With future expected updates, including AR/VR experiences, world-building, and feature governance, there is good news for users from both sides. You will experience a better game while also expanding your earning opportunities.
  • Becoming the host for a game is an especially unique feature of this platform. It allows users to create their own tournaments and challenges, get other players to participate, and make money from them. Selling merchandise of all kinds will also be possible by setting up shops on the land you get in the game.

Planet Sandbox Team

Creating a game as vast and complex as this requires a solid team with skills and a lot of passion. Thankfully, the team at Planet Sandbox is both experienced and talented enough to tackle this challenge and the proofs of the concept seen so far are promising too.

How to Participate?

You can join the Public Sale of PSB tokens on 14th and 15th December 2021. The Public Sale will be conducted on

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Token Sale: 15 December — 15 December
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