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Platypus is a new kind of Automated Market Maker (AMM) for stableswap. It offers simpler UX and lower slippage compared to other stableswap. The core concept of the design of Platypus is asset-liability management.

About Platypus

First-gen stableswaps’ closed liquidity pools come with a series of problems. One major issue is liquidity fragmentation, where it is impossible to share the liquidity of various pools with one another. This often results in higher slippage. Another major issue is the user experience. 

The first-gen stableswaps have a bad user experience by design; they require multiple tokens of the same value in a pool. This generally complicates the pool compositions. It hinders the scalability of protocols significantly and ultimately leads to a bad user experience.

Platypus is a next-gen Automated Market Marker (AMM) for StableSwap that deals with all these issues. It is a blockchain-based service that pioneers an open liquidity StableSwap designed to eliminate blockchain divergence. It offers simple UX and lower slippage.

What Makes Platypus Different?

Platypus has reinvented the whole AMM by delivering a whole new AMM experience on Avalanche. This is an open liquidity single-sided Automated Market Marker designed to manage risk autonomously according to coverage ratio, thereby enabling high capital effectiveness. 

The core concept that underpins the design of Platypus is asset-liability management. This platform is the first of its kind to utilize the single variant slippage function rather than invariant curves. Here is the summary of what makes us different:

  • Platypus offers lower slippage where the open liquidity pool design allows higher capital efficiency while ensuring a lower slippage rate.
  • It offers flexible pool composition, which makes it possible for each asset to naturally scale based on their organic supply.
  • Users have the freedom to deposit and withdraw tokens of the same kind without any worry about the pool size or pool compositions.
  • Platypus is set to revolutionize DeFi using innovative products. More features will be unlocked with time to ensure a better experience on DeFi like none other.

Platypus Team

Platypus comprises team members from different professional areas, including developers, information technology experts, blockchain experts, designers, programmers, marketing and sales professionals, legal practitioners, and entrepreneurs.

How to Participate

Platypus Tokens are of ERC20 token type. The details of the token sale event are currently not available. However, it is recommended that you follow the official social media pages of Platypus to stay abreast of the latest information on the token sale.

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