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Crypto trading platforms are evolving and capable systems. However, with good features come obvious drawbacks. Polynomial Protocol aims to minimize the drawbacks for a smoother trading experience.

About Polynomial Protocol

The world of DeFi is evolving faster than we can imagine and it is giving us many good things. We are seeing new and improved protocols that increase transaction speeds while also ensuring better security. However, meeting those promises is not possible for everyone and we do have examples of failures as well. They aims to become a trading platform that provides highly efficient liquidity and transaction speed for a multitude of trading options.

How Does Polynomial Protocol Work?

Polynomial Protocol is a trading solutions platform that focuses primarily on providing efficient trading solutions to traders across many trading options. Some features on the platform allow traders to be more efficient and save both time and money through the process. This is a big challenge that many other trading platforms are also facing. Whether or not it lives up to the expectations is yet to be seen. However, the features they have shared on their website do indicate a better trading experience. Here are a few of those features that you can expect to see on Polynomial Protocol.

  • The biggest hurdle in making big profits for traders is the gas fees they must pay on each transaction they make. In fact, it is also a common theme to find profitable transactions, only to see them turn to losses due to gas fees. Polynomial Protocol claims lower fees than other platforms based on their layer-2 operation.
  • The platform is great for anyone who wants to have an all-in-one solution for trading as the platform offers multiple option protocols to trade on as long as they are on-chain. This is especially important as having presence on a platform like this leads to competitive pricing and even allow arbitrage.
  • Yield earning is also possible and effective on Polynomial Protocol as the platform allows traders to sustainably hedge against divergent losses through the multiple options strategies available on the platform.

The Team

The people responsible for developing and maintaining Polynomial Protocol are some of the best blockchain developers, crypto experts, financial markets experts, software engineers, and entrepreneurs. They are also backed by several solid investors to maintain the platform as it grows through its early stages.

How to Participate?

Currently, Polynomial Protocol has not announced an ICO, but you can keep an eye on future developments by following them on Discord and Twitter.

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