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Fantasy leagues are a popular concept in the sports gaming genre and have a global audience. Polysports aims to target that audience by offering an NFT marketplace and fantasy sports metaverse.
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About Polysports

The world of sports gaming genre is enormous and there are millions of people around the world who follow it. With so many games and sporting events developed around this concept, it is only logical to develop it into potential crypto and P2E niche. Of course, making that possible requires a lot of effort and a deep understanding of the genre. From its looks, Polysports might have what it takes to bring such a concept to life.

How Does Polysports Work?

Creating a platform that covers every aspect of sporting events and provides users with the ability to trade NFTs and participate in events is no easy task. However, the developers at Polysports took the challenge head-on and provided a combination of services and experiences that could be considered comprehensive. As a user of Polysports, you can not only trade NFTs related to sports but also play games in the platform’s fantasy sports metaverse. Here are some of the top features of Polysports that you should know about, both as an investor and a gamer.

  • The platform offers a comprehensive NFT platform to get NFTs of a wide range of sporting events through a single marketplace. In addition to the regular offerings, the platform will also offer exclusive NFT drops and rare NFTs tied to influencers.
  • The gaming aspect of the platform is also highly developed and detailed. Users can participate in events and win rewards for different games that they participate in. Even staying active on the platform generally brings rewards, making it highly attractive for P2E enthusiasts.
  • The platform offers a highly intuitive and easy-to-use system where users can easily participate in matches, create fantasy teams, trade NFTs, and more. A mobile app is also offered for easy access to all the platform’s services.

Polysports Team

The people behind Polysports are highly experienced app developers, blockchain specialists, entrepreneurs, and social gurus. They are also backed by several well-established investors and partners along with a team of experienced advisors to help steer the project into a profitable and popular direction.

How to Participate?

Polysports will be holding an Initial Dex Offering for its ERC20 coin PS1 starting 14th April 2022. The IDO will be held on PolyPad, GameZone, and NFTLaunch.

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Token Sale: 14 April — 14 April
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