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The world of NFTs is developing at an incredibly fast pace. New collections and platforms are rising everywhere but to win, a certain edge is needed. Punks Comics seems like they have just what it takes.

About Punks Comic

With NFT platforms opening every other day, the challenge is no longer to just find good NFTs with secure future value. The game is all about finding the right platform to invest in and doing it at the right moment. If you are looking for such an opportunity, the Punks Comic could just prove to be the option that you need. This newly created platform has made headlines for how quickly it has developed, not only through strategic partnerships but also through creative content and a reliable platform.

How Does Punks Comic Work?

To be fair, Punks Comic is not much different from most other NFT platforms, the biggest differentiating factor being the content they are creating. However, the way they have structured themselves and the features they are offering to users for ease of trading and approachability are also worth noticing. As an NFT trader, you would want to invest in something secure and Punks Comic could be the option for you, especially considering the features on the platform. Here are some of those features for your consideration.

  • As the name suggests, the unique thing about this NFT platform is that it is offering comic issues for you to read which follows the story of a character called Beanie who went from a busboy in an auction house to a kingpin of digital art. The first issue is already out, and it is looking quite promising.
  • NFT owners have two options to choose from. One option is to burn it to get their hands on a Founder’s DAO NFT for governance. The second option is to stake the NFT to get $PUNKS tokens at 50% value and the tokens are fractional ownership of the 16 CryptoPunks characters you will see in the comic.
  • The company recently did a huge collaboration with Bored Apes to release a special Collector’s Editions for the second issue of the comic.
  • The company also has partnerships with Fractional to allow fractional ownership of more exclusive NFTs with a higher value.

Punks Comic Team

The people running the show are the media group Pixel Vault who have a large team with dedicated functions including business development, marketing, arts, and technical.

How to Participate?

While you can buy the NFTs already, the company might also announce an ICO in the future which you can look out for on their website, Discord, or Twitter.

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