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Quidd is probably THE oldest platform for collectible digital images (JPEGs). According to the creators, it has been operating since 2016 and “doing NFTs before NFTs even existed.”
Token sale completed on 31 December
Goal: 100,000,000
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About Quidd

If there is one place that knows about the collection, sale, and resale of NFTs the most, it has to be Quidd. This platform has been in the business of the collection and sale of collectible JPEGs for about half a decade now and is known as one of the leading marketplaces for NFT trade. It introduced several NFT market norms early on including several NFT industry standards, interactive form factors, limited-edition NFT sets, and digital three-dimensional characters and figures.

What Makes Quidd Different?

Perhaps the biggest thing that sets Quidd apart from any other NFT marketplace out there is its age and experience. They have been doing it the longest and are pioneers in several standards and regulations that are attached to NFT trading these days. Here are a few things you need to know about Quidd.

  • Being a leading marketplace means Quidd has collections belonging to some of the largest brands in the world, most of whom have followers in the millions globally. Some examples include NBA players, soccer players, shows like Game of Thrones, Rick and Morty, and Star Trek, and even specific characters like Walter White, Daenerys Targaryen, and Sonic the Hedgehog. The list is practically endless.
  • While most other marketplaces are still developing roadmaps, Quidd has already taken all the key steps and introduced a wide range of features. Their transaction speed is one of the fastest in the industry and their community has 7 million users, including both NFT collectors and fans!
  • Quidd allows you to get your hands on an NFT before you even have a crypto wallet. This unconventional approach is disruptive and makes it much easier for a larger audience to buy NFTs without going through the hassle of getting wallets and having them whitelisted.

Quidd Team

Some of the most experienced and talented developers and collectibles experts are a part of the team . They also have multiple advisors who are helping them keep their edge from several angles and continue to hold a leading position in the NFT collectibles market. Being a large and successful platform has also given them access to top-notch investors for the QUIDD Token.

How to Participate?

Quidd will be holding an IDO for their token on Polkastarter, both in December and January. The total fundraising goal is 2 million tokens with a per token price of US$0.25.

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Token Sale: 20 December — 31 December
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