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We all have our favorite artists when it comes to music, and we support them in our several different ways. Now there is a way to support them and make money, and that is what Royal is all about.

About Royal

The music industry has been growing into new directions recently and the past few years have changed the way we listen to and share music in so many ways. Several new ventures providing different models came and some of them ended up going bust. Whatever the reason may be for their fall, it is accepted universally that the musicians go only as far as their fans want them to. With that being said, the support you provide to your favorite artists can now be an opportunity for you to get rich too because that is what Royal is offering its users.

How Does Royal Work?

Royal is a platform trying to revolutionize the way people look at music and make them much more involved through investments. This model benefits both the creators and their followers, basically creating a complete economy for each artist. Based on blockchain and using crypto, Royal is allowing its users to get a piece of the pie by owning songs and giving artists a direct impression of what people are really into. Here are some of the salient features you can expect to see on Royal as a user and investor.

  • The process starts with the artists creating their music and then selling it via Royal to the user. However, instead of the song itself, they are racially selling royalty ownership for their songs to collectors. This keeps the songs in the artist’s ownership but lets them share their earnings with collectors.
  • As a user or investor, you can select your favorite artist or anyone successful and buy royalty ownership of a particular song that they have through Royal’s tokens. You can create collections with songs from any artist on Royal.
  • You can judge who will succeed in the coming days and months and then invest early into their royalty ownership. This is a great way for new artists to make money as they grow and let their supporters enjoy some rewards when the real money starts to come in.

Royal Team

The people who have developed Royal are some of the best blockchain developers, software engineers, finance experts, and music industry veterans.

How to Participate?

Royal has not made any public announcement regarding an ICO yet. You can stay updated on the latest developments by following their website and socials.

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