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Ruby Exchange is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) platform, which is basically a fix for the otherwise flawed trading system that we see in crypto exchanges due to their centralized nature.

About Ruby Exchange

The DeFi platform has always been about making decentralization popular and the central focus of any crypto-related activity. However, as far as crypto trading is concerned, that is not happening at all, and the centralized nature of exchanges is making them a threat to the security and privacy of user data. Ruby Exchange wants to change that permanently by introducing a DeFi exchange that is fully decentralized and offers a range of cool features to go along with it.

What Makes Ruby Exchange Different?

Looking at it objectively, you can immediately see that the entire concept being presented by Ruby Exchange is a call to action against the traditional centralized trading systems being used by popular exchanges. However, it also goes beyond the obvious and offers additional perks, making it a highly lucrative trading platform. Here are a few things that we think are worth considering as a user and investor.

  • The biggest advantage that every trader would immediately appreciate about this platform is the no gas fees on transactions. This can make a huge difference for a regular trader and even lead to major increases in their profit margins, especially considering fast trading scenarios where the fees can go up significantly.
  • The platform also provides protection against frontrunning, a problem all too common for traders. It does so because the exchange is built on SKALE, a solution for Ethereum based networks that ensures decentralization and top security protocols across multiple chains.
  • Traders and other liquidity providers for the platform are also entitled to DeFi NFT benefits which can help them earn more. They can even use these benefits directly on the system as it is linked to it through the core protocol.
  • The platform offers attractive tokenomics that make the entire investment sustainable and appealing with unique liquidity mining rewards.

Ruby Exchange Team

The people behind Ruby Exchange are not only highly talented and experienced blockchain specialists and developers but also trading experts, economics, finance specialists, and more.

How to Participate?

Ruby Exchange had a funding round, but it has not announced a public sale so far. You can keep an eye on their social media pages to stay up to date on that front.

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