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One of the things that scares off traders the most when investing on any platform is the changing rates of interest. Sense addresses that problem by introducing a fixed-income protocol on Ethereum.

About Sense Protocol

The lending protocols you can find on DeFi offer collateral solutions for your crypto assets. The values that they offer keep on changing since they are directly tied to the movement of the market. The adjustments caused by that can make it highly uncertain for many people and they avoid investing completely. While some platforms are trying to address this issue, none of them provide a solid and foolproof solution. Sense allows users to get a fixed value through the fundamental breakdown of the asset components.

What Makes Sense Protocol Different?

The very principle upon which Sense is built is different from the way traditional lending platforms operate. While other platforms offer a market following protocol that changes interest values, Sense changes the system entirely by offering to break down the value into two components, Zero and Claim. The first is the principal component and the second is the yield component, making it possible for borrowers to get money against a particular component on fixed rates. Here are some other features of the platform that you should also know about.

  • One of the biggest advantages of a platform like Sense is the scalability that you can pull from it. The project has a permissive design that enables users to create entirely new future yield markets and create new earning opportunities for themselves and the platform.
  • The most impressive thing about this platform is its ability to provide fixed values in yields, but it goes beyond the basic definition. The zero-change policy means that people can borrow much more easily and do not need to liquidate any assets or create an unnecessary risk of insolvency.
  • The rates users are offered on this platform are much better than those you can find on other platforms due to the fixed nature of rates and values for earning money or borrowing it. The same applies to future trade yields as well.

Sense Protocol Team

The people who have developed Sense are passionate about providing reasonable and manageable debt solutions to the public. They have extensive experience with blockchain development, banking solutions, financial management, and more.

How to Participate?

There is no update on an ICO from the company so far. However, you can find the latest information on the matter by following the company website or their Discord.

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