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Crypto lending platforms are expanding opportunities for people who need to borrow assets. However, they can be quite punishing if the collateral value drops and Shaktiio wants to solve that problem.
Token sale completed on 30 April
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About Shaktiio

A major positive development that we have seen from the introduction of CeFi and crypto lending services is an increase in accessibility to funding. People looking for crypto assets or those not eligible for funding from traditional banks could now get the money they need. However, one of the biggest concerning things about almost every lending platform is that the assets you are getting require collateral that is also in crypto. This means if the value drops for the collateral, the borrower either adds more collateral or loses it completely. Shaktiio is trying to change that through its Anti-Liquidation Protocol.

How Does Shaktiio Work?

The idea behind this platform is simple, and so is the target that it is trying to achieve. The protocol is created to protect borrowers against getting their collateral liquidated in the event of a drop in value. Doing this requires several vital steps to take place in the right way when needed. Fortunately, Shaktiio is the result of thorough research and testing. The system they have come up with works effectively and helps borrowers automatically protect their collateral. Some of the key features that you can find on Shaktiio include the following:

  • The most essential and basic feature of Shaktiio is that it provides a solid guarantee against the collateral that any borrower is putting against their loan. If their collateral’s value falls below the anticipated value and becomes insufficient, the lender will not force the borrower to liquidate their assets.
  • This system is also a key player against the whales in the market who try to take advantage of the liquidation that happens in the event of a drop in value. Furthermore, it also stabilizes the market for the collateral asset by preventing liquidation sales.
  • The system also includes a rewards program for its SKTO token which helps build the strength of the platform itself further. This can be a great opportunity for investors who want to maximize profits from their investments and create an ecosystem that helps keep the lending market stable.

Shaktiio Team

The people behind Shaktiio come from a diverse background that covers blockchain development, financial markets trading, asset management, and more.

How to Participate?

Shaktiio will hold an ICO for its token from 1st Mar 2022.

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Token Sale: 01 March — 30 April
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