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Enter a unique world based on the crypto and blockchain philosophy where people’s lives are practically dictated through tech. Be a part of the action in a war-torn world and become a next-gen hero.
Token sale completed on 06 January
Goal: 606,000,000
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About Sidus Heroes

Gaming metaverses are a hit with everyone these days and you can be sure to find one operating on every corner. However, some of them have ascended to the next level and Sidus Heroes is one of such platforms. Create a character that is entirely yourself and take it on a wild and futuristic adventure that will satisfy your RPG cravings thoroughly. Why be limited to one world only? This is an RPG where you get to loot and pillage through an entire galaxy!

What Makes Sidus Heroes Different?

There are quite a few things about Sidus Heroes that is bound to make it a success among users and investors alike. The game is far more expansive than most other RPG gaming metaverses currently available and it intends to grow as well. The fact that they are calling it an AAA-level game themselves should give you an idea of the scale at which it is developed. Here are some of its key features that you should know about.

  • 3D mapping of plots in the game to give them coordinates that can be tracked in the Sidus Heroes universe’s planetary map. Players can buy planets, invite people to their location, and even use closed access to determine who can come and go to their planet using the Guard Perimeter building.
  • Players without land can still play and interact with worlds they have received access to or have not yet claimed by anyone. This alone leads to a lot of fun adventures and exploration.
  • Equal land ownership opportunities are present for all players. The game only allows one land to be owned by a single account which prevents whales from buying up everything in the metaverse to jack up prices unnaturally.

Sidus Heroes Team

The people who have developed the Sidus Heroes metaverse are a highly diverse and experienced team with expertise in game development, blockchain development, design and artwork, finance, marketing, storytelling, and investment management. They are also backed by a huge investment now, thanks to the token sales.

How to Participate?

Sidus Heroes has two tokens, SIDUS, and SENATE, and you can participate in the IDO for both using whitelisted wallets on BLOKPAD, Ignition, TrustPad, SpaceSwap, Red Kite, GameFI and Seedify. All platforms are given equal ratios of tokens, with the total fundraising goal being 606 million tokens.

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Token Sale: 15 December — 06 January
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