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What could be better than saving the earth and making money from it at the same time, right? Well, that is exactly what Single.Earth is trying to do with its nature-backed trading platform.

About Single.Earth

Imagine making a genuine effort to save the earth from destruction by taking on nature preservation projects. One might imagine this to be a costly and time-consuming effort, but what if you could turn it into a profitable venture? Because this is what Single.Earth delivers. It is going to take your efforts to remove carbon and create biodiversity and turn it into tradeable assets. The entire platform revolves around meeting environment protection goals, and through their tokens, users can make their own achievements and make money.

What Makes Single.Earth Different?

The work that is involved in the conservation of mother nature requires a lot of time and energy. But most of all, it requires broad participation from humans. Single.Earth is making that a lucrative platform and here are some of the things about them that you should know.

  • One of the first ventures to take on the fight against climate change from a crypto angle. It is one of the most important causes of our time and Single.Earth is trying to create a unified effort that will not only make people rich but also responsible for their home planet.
  • Highly researched analytical models and machine learning is being used by Single.Earth to find areas where real investment is needed to protect the nature. In essence, the platform will eventually become a complete twin of the earth and accurately reflect areas that need investments. Those areas would be tradeable commodities which would benefit from the tokens that users and investors purchase.
  • It is more than just a trading platform as users get exposed to a curated knowledge base that allows them to learn about the biggest and most crucial climate challenges, as well as the less publicized ones. It helps them invest in the right areas and manages their assets properly.

Single.Earth Team

The Single.Earth platform is managed by a core team of highly experienced entrepreneurs and investors who are passionate about saving the environment and making the earth more habitable for future generations. Following them is a team of experts who have spent years in blockchain development and other core business areas.

How to Participate?

A Presale round for the Merit token will be announced within December 2021 by Single.Earth that you can participate in as well.

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