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Solice is exactly what you would get if you imagined a virtual world where you could play, interact, earn, and create content in a VR construct.
Token sale completed on 03 January
Goal: 8,000,000
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About Solice

Solice is a complete universe built on the Solana blockchain and designed to provide a highly immersive experience to users as they delve into a world of fun and interaction. Make your way through a deeply created world where you can play games using crypto assets, trade NFTs and other assets, earn by taking on game-based challenges and quests, and even create your own artwork and models to be used within the Solice universe.

What Makes Solice Different?

  • Being a VR-based universe makes Solice a much more engaging and interactive experience than what you would get in any other typical environment on other platforms. The immersive nature is a huge attraction for users as they will get to experience things at a much more connected and personal level while exploring this vast world. Of course, that does not mean users without VR tech cannot use it because they sure can!
  • Being open-world in nature makes Solice a much more favorable platform for collecting assets of all kinds and building a vast collection. This can then be used to trade on the platform to enhance your user experience and also as a source of earning. The possibilities are endless, given how vast this metaverse is.
  • Speaking of gathering assets, the game also provides land sales that you can use to not only trade as an asset but build an entire paradise of your own and increase its value as well.
  • The metaverse will also have a creation tool within the game that will allow you to create your own assets from scratch and sell them to earn extra money.

Solice Team

The team behind Solice includes people who are not only experts in game development and blockchain but also in VR development. They are also huge gaming enthusiasts and love open-world environments that played a huge role in developing this metaverse. The company also has good financial backing and has been covered in a wide range of press stories.

How to Participate?

Solice will be holding a Strong Holder offering on December 16, 2021, on DAO Maker. You will need to get your wallet whitelisted for participation in the SHO. The fundraising goal is 8 million tokens, and the price is US$0.07 per token.

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Token Sale: 16 December — 03 January
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