Supporting artists for their work has always been important for fans but now they can do it much more meaningfully with Sound, a platform that lets artists launch their work as NFTs for fans.


Sound is a platform that completely revolutionizes the relationship between music artists and their fans. It is taking their relationship to an entirely new level where the layers of recording companies and other middle parties are eliminated so that the artists can directly provide their new content to their fans. It also lets fans provide meaningful support to the artists they love through exclusive ownership of songs and making money from them simultaneously.

What Makes Different?

The most obvious thing that you can immediately see in Sound is the way it deals with album and title launches for artists. It is a completely new approach towards how artists celebrate and disseminate their work among their fans. The entire process is based on creating an intimate relationship between artists and their fans while also giving fans more voice.

  • Fans can now “own” tracks released by artists as NFTs and that gives them the ability to comment on them publicly. People can see the comments being made and they stay there for as long as the person owns that NFT. Transfer of NFT results in the comments being removed and replaced with whatever the next owner has to say.
  • Exclusivity is a huge aspect and early purchases are going to be much more valuable. Each copy is allotted a number and the smaller the number is, the more support you show for the artist. Resales of such NFTs can be quite valuable as they represent exclusivity, higher support level, and early adoption of artists.
  • Owning NFTs allows users to interact with their favorite artists through communities and even do more activities like collaborations, hangouts, and more. This kind of interactive experience is simply unheard of in traditional platforms and where it does happen, the cost differences can be phenomenally huge.
  • It is a great platform for new artists to showcase themselves and grow support and a genuinely interested fan base. Team

The people who created Sound are not only music enthusiasts and audiophiles but also highly talented and experienced professionals in multiple fields including blockchain development, trading, marketing, and project management in the music industry. 

How to Participate?

Sound will be launching an ERC20 token sale in the coming weeks to gain support for the platform. To find out details about how and when it will happen, you can join their social pages.

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