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The gaming is seeing a major boom right now, thanks to the implementation of NFTs. Game developers need reliable NFT implementation and Stardust seems to have the solution.

About Stardust

Game development has been an exciting industry for as long as it has been around. Each era has had its popular games and all of them had something unique that previous games did not offer. Currently, the hottest commodity that game developers can offer is NFTs, and everyone seems to be implementing it these days. However, to make it work flawlessly, you need it to be a reliable implementation and Stardust is a platform providing that specific service.

How Does Stardust Work?

Implementing NFTs into games is the most crucial step for any game developer. Allowing players to make money while enjoying your beautiful creation is not just about adding another function. It is tied into your entire game, and you need to do it correctly or the audience would simply leave. To win in such a harsh competition means doing it right and with Stardust, that is both possible and easier than ever before, or at least that is what the platform claims. Here are a few of the features that game developers can get from using Stardust for their NFT implementation.

  • The key to attracting game developers is to make things easy for them and Stardust does that through its game developer dashboard. It is an easy-to-implement component that developers can add to their games. The total process takes about 10 minutes and only requires 3 lines of code!
  • The service is highly self-dependent and does not require any financial input. The platform works with zero gas fees and requires no wallets or transactions of any kind for the implementation to work. The applications you can create with this service are virtually endless.
  • The platform allows for the open inclusion of players by offering them direct payments through multiple sources. The players do not even need to have wallets to play the games and make transactions through fiat currencies. The platform supports payments from crypto accounts, credit cards, and Apple Pay as well

Stardust Team

The people who have created Stardust are highly experienced game developers, blockchain specialists, creative artists, finance experts, business development specialists, and more.

How to Participate?

Stardust has not yet shared any news regarding an upcoming ICO. However, you can stay up to date on their future developments by following their socials and website.

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