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Who said creating your own marketplace or social network on a blockchain needs to be different? Subsocial is providing a dedicated service to do exactly that and in the easiest possible way.

About Subsocial

Subsocial is the tool that many developers and creators have been looking forward to for as long as the concept of metaverse became popular. This is basically a collection of substrate pallets that comes with a web UI and allows users to create and launch social networks (called communities) that are both decentralized and provide protection from censorship.

What Makes Subsocial Different?

Subsocial provides a whole bunch of amazing and unique features that the users can benefit from to create a platform that is exactly like envisioned and utilize opportunities to make money from it. It is also a one-of-a-kind solution up till now which means you cannot find similar options elsewhere, or at least not as far developed as this one is.

  • The break from the global level of censorship that conventional social media platforms have is both concerning and unsettling. This platform provides a break from that hold and allows everyone to openly express their opinions without feeling like they are being monitored or silenced in any way.
  • The monetization options on Subsocial are much more forgiving and creator-oriented than what you see on traditional platforms. Creators are not forced to compromise the value and get a significant part of their earnings in their own pockets.
  • The app is just like Twitter in terms of operation but instead of needing a centralized host, this platform puts the entire thing on IPFS, which makes the solution completely serverless and highly democratized. The network itself is also owned and governed by token holders.
  • Fine level of customization in terms of the roles and regulations you want to use with your community. It is quite similar to what Discord has in this regard and better in many ways.

Subsocial Team

The people who have created Subsocial are highly talented and experienced in blockchain and advocates of free speech. Their team is also backed by some serious investments and experienced advisors.

How to Participate?

You can join the SUB token ICO as soon as the company announces its date which should be within December 2021. The total tokens are 100 million and we are yet to see how many become available for public sale on Polkadot.

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