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With the NFT market growing rapidly and many NFT collections becoming extremely expensive, a solution is direly needed for traders. SZNS makes that happen through fractionalization.

About SZNS

With the crypto economy growing at an extremely fast pace, the need to make it more accessible to traders has been growing constantly. Many platforms provide great investment opportunities, but the prices being asked for many of their NFT collections are simply too high. That means a lot of people interested in buying those NFTs simply cannot afford to do it. Thankfully, fractionalization is a process that circumvents that problem and SZNS is offering a solution based around that concept.

How Does SZNS Work?

As popular NFTs gain value with each passing day, the need and demand for fractionalization is also growing. However, this concept is still developing and the only way to keep up with the explosive growth of highly traded NFT collections is to create a platform where custom collections can be made. With SZNS, something along those lines is already being provided for traders but there is much more to it. The platform offers a multifaceted solution that covers the needs of both the people who want to sell and those who want to buy. Here are some of the top features that you can find on SZNS that could help you figure out its true worth.

  • From a creator perspective, the platform allows the creation of Albums which are collections of fractionalized NFTs that can be curated as needed and then used to create Album DAOs. These help with the ownership sharing process of the Albums through tokens.
  • The Album DAO concept is also a great way for collectors to create their own communities and share ownership as they like and also grow their collections through the funds collected via tokens.
  • The platform offers collectors a way to buy their favorite NFTs without any pricing hurdles by participating in Album DAOs through token purchases. The fraction owned by collectors of any NFT is open for them to display in their own collection which they can easily showcase.
  • Participating in Album DAOs also allows collectors to participate in the governance process of the DAO they are a part of.


SZNS is a creation of a team of highly experienced individuals with experience in NFT trading, creative design, blockchain development, crypto trading, and more.

How to Participate?

SZNS does not have any public announcement right now regarding an ICO. However, you can stay up to date by following their website and socials.

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