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Play to earn is one of the most popular platform types for NFT creation and sales and The Spartans is taking the experience to a whole new level with its new game.
Token sale completed on 13 December
Goal: $300,000
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About The Spartans

The Spartans is a one-of-a-kind play-to-earn game developed using blockchain technology that aims to provide players and investors with a platform where they can relive the story of King Leonidas and his fearless army while playing a tower defense game. It is a concept that is both familiar and new in many ways and the excitement it has built over the last few months is quite noticeable.

What Makes The Spartans Different?

With so many platforms offering play to earn opportunities for users in countless realms and universes, The Spartans has managed to create a certain uniqueness, not only in its style but also in terms of how it offers NFTs and earning opportunities. Here are a few things about The Spartans that set it apart in an ever-growing market.

  • The entire concept is designed around a tower defense game model and that is also where the NFTs lie. The tower you get in this game is unique to you and will only be found on your specific address. You can design your tower, upgrade it, and even put it into battle to earn more.
  • The opportunities for designers are incredible here as the game allows the selling of towers within the game. Make your own towers and convert them into your personal money-making assets to be sold on the built-in Marketplace. Sell in the crypto market and make real money while enjoying a unique playing experience.
  • Pitch your towers into battles all day long and earn rewards in the form of $TSP, the company’s own token. As your tower’s strength and levels grow, so do your chances of making real money and getting rich playing a unique tower defense game.

The Spartans Team

Creating a game as engaging as this requires a lot of expertise and the team behind The Spartans has it in abundance. The team consists of veteran game developers as well as blockchain specialists and NFT creators. The company is also benefitting a lot from onboarding several major investors and strategic partners to help it grow constantly.

How to Participate?

You can be a part of The Spartans universe by joining the IDO being conducted by the company on December 13, 2021. The IDO will be hosted on Poolz and the fundraising goal is 430,000 tokens at $0.7 per token.

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Token Sale: 13 December — 13 December
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