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Lending made easy like you have never seen by using NFTs for all kinds of needs. Use UNI-V3 NFTs to lend, borrow, leverage, auction, and stack yields on a single decentralized platform.
Token sale completed on 13 December
Goal: 8,000,000 TMS
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About Themis

Putting your NFTs as collateral for lending opens a whole new world of opportunities for people and that is what Themis aims to do with its decentralized platform. Using historical data of particular NFTs transactions, the platform provides a wide range of buying, selling, leveraging, and yield stacking options that users can benefit from.

What Makes Themis Different?

While there are several other NFT based lending platforms being developed, Themis does seem to have a few tricks up its sleeve and here are some of those for your review.

  • Themis offers a wide variety of products to choose from, including lending market, NFT collateral, Yielding, Auction Pads, and Liquidation of assets. These options help users in different ways depending on how they implement it from clearing payments and smart contracts to gaining credit when needed against your high-performing NFTs.
  • The governance structure is completely community-based, meaning that the income that comes from the platform gets shared with all the token holders of the platform. This can be not only the users but also the investors participating in early token sales.
  • The system is well connected with more than 300 developers, lending platforms, NFT platforms, traders, and liquidation companies. The purpose of this is to create a massive potential market for users to engage with and meet their needs effectively and immediately. Leveraging NFTs makes the process even more transparent and easier than any other traditional alternative.
  • Purchasing NFTs through auctions is extremely easy and incorporated into the overall platform model which is simple and easy to use. You can now buy and sell NFTs at an extremely fast rate for great prices and minimum fees.

The Team Behind Themis

Themis is a community-driven project with the key players focusing on using their blockchain, NFT, and crypto expertise to provide a comprehensive financial services platform. The senior members and advisors have had vast experience with both blockchain and crypto, as well as financial markets in general.

How to Participate?

Themis will be holding a Strong Holder Offering (SHO) on December 12, 2021, via DAO Maker platform. To participate, you will need to whitelist your wallet, which is still open. The total TMS tokens available are 800 million.

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Token Sale: 12 December — 13 December
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