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Borrowing in traditional markets has become an increasingly complex affair. Timeswap aims to address that by providing an AMM-based platform that is permissionless and non-liquid.

About Timeswap

Lending and borrowing money are no easy tasks these days and anyone who wants to get their hands on some money needs to go through hell every single time. The stringent and sometimes ridiculous requirements coupled with collaterals that borrowers simply cannot afford to provide. Timeswap aims to clean up that process by providing a system that is far easier to manage, works on fixed income AMM-based protocols, and is easy to use.

What Makes Timeswap Different?

Even in cryptocurrency, lending and borrowing is not something that platforms have made any easier. The fiat currencies are replaced by crypto with everything else remaining the same for the most part. Timeswap has taken major steps that not only make it different from its competition but also make it much more useable in terms of function. The way you are getting or giving away assets is based on a new system and the ease of access is certainly there. Here are some of the unique features that Timeswap has to offer its users.

  • The platform allows users to do fixed maturity-based lending and borrowing. The constant change in values is what used to drive away potential borrowers and lenders and this system eliminates that problem entirely. Now any ER20 token can be lent or borrowed against any other ERC20 token being used as collateral.
  • Liquidators are cut out of the equation completely, which makes things a lot easier for borrowers. They no longer need to look out for their debt health and rely on liquidators to help them out when needed.
  • Risk profiles are no longer fixed for everyone based on their historical records. The system allows flexibility to borrowers in terms of the risk they can afford by changing the interest rates on each profile and the collateral factors involved.
  • Projects can now take on debt using their own tokens, making it possible for many developers to launch new systems, platforms, and games without relying on third-party liquidity.

Timeswap Team

Timeswap is the product of a highly experienced team of blockchain experts, financial market experts, trading gurus, business development professionals, and entrepreneurs.

How to Participate?

Currently, there is no information available on a potential ICO for the TIME token. However, you can stay up to date on future developments by joining the company’s social pages and Discord.

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