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The world of crypto trading is constantly evolving and while there are several great platforms to use, there is still plenty of room for improvement and Tinyman is trying to offer exactly that.

About Tinyman

Crypto investors spend plenty of time finding new strategies to make money. While that may be related mostly with how to strategize their investments, sometimes it can also be about using the right platform to work on. As time has progressed, the need for faster trading services with cheaper fees has come up as an essential improvement. Thankfully, there are plenty of platforms trying to cater to that need and Tinyman happens to be one of them.

How Does Tinyman Work?

With so many DeFi applications now operating everywhere, you need to pick and choose so that the money you are investing needs to bring you the highest possible returns. Tinyman aims to be the platform of choice for traders, developers, and liquidity providers alike by providing a fast and secure trading environment. Built on the Algorand blockchain, it promises to fix several problems that traders have had to face on other more popular platforms and create a seamless, intuitive, and easy-to-use system. If you want to invest in this platform, then here are a few of their key features that you should know about.

  • The users get access to a highly equipped analytics tool which proves to be quite useful for quick decision making and trading. The tool updates frequently and provides updated information most of the time. If used carefully, it could increase your trading speed significantly and help you tie in multiple good investments.
  • It is especially useful for people who want to trade/swap assets quickly and it covers both currencies and tokens. You get the market rates directly implemented on the trades, making it as profitable as possible.
  • Pooling option is also available which is a great way to make a steady income by providing a set amount of assets to the platform to receive a fee on every transaction. The shares are directly proportional to the investment percentage against the entire pool.
  • The platform has several ambitious plans coming up including Tinyman NFTs and a program for supporting developers.

Tinyman Team

The people running Tinyman are highly experienced blockchain developers, crypto market experts, finance specialists, economic specialists, and veteran crypto traders.

How to Participate?

While the company has not yet announced an ICO, you can keep an eye out for updates by following the company website, Discord, and other socials.

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