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Blockchain-based business is a concept still in its early stages. That means there are countless inefficiencies and loopholes to address. Trace Network plans to achieve that goal comprehensively.

About Trace Network

Running a business is no joke and the number of complications involved in making it succeed can be endless. This is especially true when you take it online and start using blockchain technology to manage it. To make it possible for users to avoid inefficiencies in the process and work with more speed and security, Trace Network has introduced a complete range of products that can help brands realize their full potential and finally reign in their losses.

What Makes Trace Network Different?

There are plenty of platforms offering something along the lines of what Trace Network is offering. However, most of them are either too specific or too limited in terms of their solutions. Trace Network seems to be taking on a much larger project than ever before, letting users purchase not only digital assets but also create an online presence of their own using avatars. Here are a few unique things about this platform.

  • Trace Network aims to provide a complete solution for brands to not only make their products available online as digital assets for the many metaverses, but it also solves issues related to security, copyright management, and product details exchange on web 2.0 and web 3.0 programs.
  • Products can have their own NFTs created on this platform that can be used to create unique identities and make it possible for brands to maintain ownership and share it easily when a customer buys a digital asset from them. Once popular and in use, this concept would also make the traditional barcode scan an obsolete concept.
  • Instant NFT swapping will also be available within the community, allowing brands to get more and more engagement. Gamification will also be made a key part of the service so users can also make maximum use of their assets and be enticed into making more purchases.

The Team

Trace Network is created by some of the most experienced and talented people in blockchain and metaverse development. They also have strong business-oriented experts onboard and the investors involved with them also include several big names, making it a powerful platform with strong potential.

How to Participate?

Trace network will be holding an IDO on MISO in December that will be available to whitelisted wallets only. A total of 500,000 TRACE tokens out of 100 million will be available for public sale.

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